• Andres Koper
    "Working with Wezen we manage to enhance our Control Networks"

    We trust WEZEN for the Networks implementation that enable us to have the remote control of our Power Plants distributed in Argentina. Our experience at Sullair has been extremely pleasant. We met a group of very professional specialists, who quickly understood our requirements and got down to business. We have no doubt that Wezen is a group of people with a great human value, working on anticipating the facts and solving challenges with judgment and creativity, while minimizing technical incidents.

    Eng. Andres Koper. Operations & Plant Maintenance Manager - Sullair Argentina
  • Lucas Polidori
    "We feel quiet that with Wezen we are advised by experts in each subject consulted and aligned with current technology"

    We have jointly developed several projects such as email migration, firewall implementations, etc., but the main thing is the orderly and planned work, monitoring each detail until the closing of each one. We can say that the applied solutions have exceeded the expectations we had and now we are prepared for the environment of maximum technological demand.

    Lucas Polidori - IT Manager - MSU Agro
  • Martha Chávez
    "Wezen works on day-to-day tasks in a responsible and timely manner."

    Wezen team had a great willingness to help us with issues that were totally new for us. It is important to highlight that the project was carried out at the engaged times due to the effort and interesting of both parties.

    Martha Chávez - Systems - Totaí Citrus
  • César Oliveira
    "Wezen's follow up to its customers allows it to offer innovative solutions aligned with the business."

    Wezen's differential is the focus on the customer and the ability to transform technological solutions into business solutions, bringing to IT the role of protagonist that really belongs to it in this era of digital transformation and new economy.

    Cesar Oliveira - Head of IT & Digital Tranformation - CTC